You Were Born To Run The World. This Online Conference Shows You How.

Join us online for 3 days of incredible Kingdom insight for following God and living as kings in today's culture in this groundbreaking online, digital conference...

On November 14th - 16th, 2019...

Discover The Biblical Strategies To Dominate Culture and The World Around You.

One idea and concept has been heavy on my heart for several years now. It’s been unshakeable and undeniable for so many reasons and on so many levels. But at the core of it, it’s the translation of our call and mandate in the earth for dominion as Believers. I believe it is the currency for dominion and possessing all that God has meant for us. That word: Influence.

Influence (n.)


1. the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others:

He used family influence to get the contract.

2. the action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others:

Her mother's influence made her stay.

When we speak about having dominion and the role of the Church in the world, it boils down to influence. After all, a kingdom at it’s core is nothing more than a ruler’s domain of influence (their power, wealth, culture, etc). Having dominion is about developing, growing and maintaining influence. 

If you assess America and it’s woes, you can actually correlate it to the waning influence of the Church and a righteous, Kingdom mindset nationally. When the Church lost it’s influence and when secularism became more influential, the tides changed.

I believe it’s time for the Church to understand that our means for dominion isn’t in war, violence or merely protesting. Our avenue for dominion is through garnering, wielding and perpetuation Kingdom influence in every area of culture and society. Every single one of them. 

Welcome to the "Age of Influence"

Our Biblical mandate for dominion is our call to influence. Influence in education, government, business, science, arts & entertainment, finance, family, and media. 

But how do we go from just “havin’ church” to actually having dominion, having influence? This conference is designed to help give you the blueprint for influence in your life personally and globally.

Jesus died and then rose from the dead so you can partner with Him in dominion. You were born to run the world. 

We get so caught up in helping people learn how to live “right” and keep the rules of religion we never help them discover the dominion meant for their lives. We don’t teach people how to rule the world (in Christ, of course). We don’t teach actual steps, protocols and blueprint for actual dominion. We talk a LOT about it, but we rarely–if ever–give practical insight and steps. 

This is the conference to give you that information and Kingdom revelation. 

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to handcraft an all-digital, online environment that is specifically tuned to create one result in your life: massive breakthrough. Our vision is that Next Level 2019 puts you in the driver’s seat in your destiny and for the future God has ordained for your life.

Register Now For This Conference

Here's the catch about Next Level Conference: It's 100% online and digital. This means that to attend, you don't have to travel anywhere. It's as simple as pulling up a website on your computer, tablet or even your smartphone. It's 100% digital and 100% FREE to attend!

You can watch (or listen) to the conference while at work, while driving, while on the train, in your home or wherever you are. You don't have to miss out on a single thing. 

And even if you do miss a session, you can still watch a replay of that session after it's over. This is like the perfect event to give you maximum value with minimal inconvenience.

This is why you must register immediately for this online, digital conference. Although it's free, space is limited on the platform we're using to hosting the conference digitally.​​ Once we reach capacity, we'll either have to stop attendees or charge the latecomers. 

But you're here now and reading this right now. What are you waiting for?

Conference Speakers

Here are a few of the incredible speakers and presenters this year.

This ain't church as usual. These folks are next level!

Ian Taylor

Pastor, LightWork Church

James Davis
Pastor, New Spirit Revival Center

Dr. Samuel L. Hampton II

Pastor, The Faith Place

Tyrone L. Butler

Prelate and Pastor, Salvation & Restoration Christian COGIC

Marlin J. Reid

Pastor, The River

Shana Eutsay

Higher Education Specialist

Derick W. Thomas

Award-Winning Songwriter, Musician & Acclaimed Worship Leader

Tim Clinton

Musician, Producer, Songwriter

Hadassah McGrew

International Model

About The Conference Host

Pastor Bryson G. Baylor

Bryson G. Baylor is a pastor, business owner, author and father who is devoted completely serving Jesus and advancing the Kingdom of God. 

He is currently planting a new church in NYC– Next Level Church– where they are helping people "follow God and live as kings." 

Bryson is an emerging apostolic voice for his generation, a strategic thinker and a Kingdom revolutionary. 

He's the proud father of his "boy," Malachi.

Why Attend Next Level Conference?

Next Level Bible Teaching

Each and every day of the conference you'll get to hear timely, revelatory, applicable and life-changing biblical messages from some of the finest voices in the Kingdom of God. This isn't just "three points and a poem," this is preaching that will catalyze breakthrough in every area of your life. The workshops offered at "Next Level" are world-class, but the Word you receive will be second-to-none. If you're going to run the world with Jesus, you're going to need to have WORD in you that will sustain you.

Workshops That Work For You

Let's be honest: normally when you go to conferences (even those that cost $100s) the workshops are lackluster. They're nothing more than time-wasters with little intent or actual relevance. But it's not like that at the "Next Level" conference. We've curated each workshop session to bring topics and content that actually "work for you" and work in your life. From business to education to money-making to culture to the music industry to relationships. You won't want to miss a single workshop.

Activate The Blessing of the LORD

We have no shame about the fact that God wants to bless you in ALL areas here at the "Next Level" conference. And this year we're focusing on how God wants to bless you BIG TIME financially. We believe God has reserved massive blessings and financial empowerment for exclusively for Believers. But the major problem is that most don't know how to "tap into" that grace.

We want to help you unlock and activate the Blessing of the LORD that is over your life. This is why we're having multiple sessions dedicated to real-life ways for you to activate increase and prosperity (which Jesus died for and paid for you to have, by the way). You'll hear from Kingdom business-owners, world-changers and biblical master minds on prosperity. We're trying to create an army of 7-, 8- and 9-figure believers around the world.

Workshop Sessions

Relationship Revival™:
Waiting & Dating
Relationship Revival™:
Married Life
Church and State: 
Kingdom & Politics in 2019
How To Write Music That Touches The World
The Music Business Breakdown
The Hustle & Flow:
Entrepreneurial Mastery
Church for The People
(The Gospel for Today)
Developing Church Leadership & Culture
The Prophetic Believer and Your Potential
Million Dollar Business Growth Strategies
Strategies for Pushing The Kingdom Forward
Secrets From The Fashion Industry
And More!

Are You Ready For Your Next Level?

  • Are you ready to walk in dominion and authority in life?
  • Are you tired resources limiting your full purpose?
  • Are you struggling trying to break into an industry?
  • Have you lowered your faith to accommodate “reality?”
  • Do you want to start and grow a 7-figure business?
  • Tired of church events with “fluff” and low substance?

When is Next Level Conference 2019?

How do I register for the event?

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Will replays and recordings be made available?

What People Are Saying:

I cannot wait for this conference and to hear from Pastor Bryson and all of the speakers he's lined up. If it's anything like what they've done in the past, my life will not be the same!

Dean C. - Business Owner & Pastor

I always learn so much at Next Level! I tell people all the time, "My pastor is off the hook!" This conference is exactly what I need to live how God really wants me to.

Dorothy G. - Author and Poet

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