"Official Reader" for Next Level Church
(see Video Below for Example)

Official Reader Job Opening...

Must be able to articulate and enunciate the Word of God with conviction and power while simultaneously aware of Pastor's commands to stop, continue or pause. Applicants can be male or female. 

If interested in this ministry position, please send all resumes and a video of you reading the Word with power to church@inextlevel.org with the subject: "Read." Applicants will be scheduled with an in-person audition during a Sunday gathering at Next Level Church. 

Must apply in person.

Watch the video below to see the style of reading required for this position.

This Church is Awesome!

“Never have I ever experienced church on this level. This is my new home.”

Marc Stevens

Urban Glass, Brooklyn

Possibly the friendliest people in all NYC. 

“They take loving people to the next level. I've never felt so welcomed in a church before. . ”

Dana Rossi

OneOak, Manhattan

Get Your LIFE Together in 90 Days

We guarantee that if you're willing to give God 90 days, you will experience a complete and radical change in your life FOREVER. In fact, it really doesn't take that long. But if you're willing to devote the time, God will blow your mind.

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  • 104-39 127th St. (between Liberty Ave. and 107th Ave)
  • Experience it all live an in person where you can see it all and feel the power of God!

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