May 2024

Next Level Experience

Venue: 160 W. 129th St., New York, NY

May 19, 2024


Join us for Church this Sunday!
(Venue: 160 W. 129th St., New York, NY)

[11:00am - 1100pm]
Faith + Healing Seminar

Want to get healed? Need a miracle that only God can do? Well this session is for YOU. It’s designed to walk you through scripture and powerful truths that most Christians overlooks. When you attend the Faith + Healing Seminar your faith will be ignited to receive ALL God has for you.

[1:15pm - 2:00pm]
FREE Lunch

Everyone who registers for the event will have a guaranteed FREE LUNCH from us that day. We want to be a blessing to you and fill your belly as well as your spirit. Enjoy a great time of fellowship and meet new friends during our lunch session.

[2:00pm - 3:30pm]
Experience Worship + Special Message

This is a power-packed session with our top-notch music team. We’ve got super-skilled and gifted musicians and vocalists who will help us worship Jesus and create a tremendous experience. Not only that, there will be prayer, prophetic ministry, and a life-changing teaching from Pastor Bryson G. Baylor—you don’t want to miss out on this!

About Next Level Church (NYC)

Our Mission: "Follow God & Live As Kings"

Next Level Church (NYC) is a ministry based in New York City devoted to helping people "Follow God & Live As Kings." It's a multicultural, multi-generational church that preaches the Gospel of the Kingdom, authentically loves people, and empowers people for purpose. We are revolutionizing how the Church engages people and culture.