Spring 2023

90-Day Bible Challenge

— New Testament Edition —

April 10th, 2023


How the 90-Day Bible Challenge Works:

Daily Reading (Approx 30 minutes)

Each day you'll be assigned a daily reading assignment from the Bible in the New Testament that you can read on your own schedule. The reading is designed to be about 30 minutes worth of reading so it won't take too much time of your day. However, if it takes you longer to get through it, don't sweat it—it's not a race or a competition. 

Emails and Inspiration from Pastor Bryson G. Baylor

As part of this 90-Day Challenge, you'll receive some of the most encouraging, inspiring, and motivating emails you've ever read from Pastor Bryson. These aren't just "any old" emails, but specific messages based on the daily readings that will light your heart on fire and help you see key ideas and concepts that will unleash your faith. 

Pastor Bryson has a unique way of conveying truths and insights from scripture that are so simple, and yet so powerful. The messages you receive will leave you anxious to devour the next day's reading and continue the journey.

Weekly "R 'n' R" (Review & Recap)

The great thing about our challenge is that you don't have to do this alone. Each week we host a LIVE, online meet-up with you, the other "challengers," and our facilitators to go over the week's reading, answer questions you may have, and to discover the breakthroughs or "aha" moments you may have had. 

Whenever you read the Bible, you can expect God to speak to your heart and give you some amazing gem or key that will totally bless your life. Our weekly, online "R 'n' R" will keep you on track, inspired, and connected to other people just like you who are wanting to learn more about the Word of God and go deeper. 

These sessions will be held during our "After Party" sessions on after our Sunday Service.

About Next Level Church (NYC)

Our Philosophy: "Follow God & Live As Kings"

Next Level Church (NYC) is a church based in New York City that is "heaven-bent" on helping people "Follow God & Live As Kings." It's a new multicultural, multi-generation that preaches the Gospel of the Kingdom, authentically loves people, and empowers people for destiny. We are revolutionizing how the Church engages people and culture.