It’s Time to Elevate Your Spiritual Walk

Introducing VIBES™ from Next Level Church (NYC)


Hey, got a minute? Good. Because what I’m about to share isn’t just another feel-good message lost in your endless feed.

This is about your life, your spirit, your journey. And it’s about taking all of that from 'meh' to 'mind-blowing.'

Welcome to Vibes™ from Next Level Church (NYC).

Forget what you know about small groups, cell groups and "community"; we’re here to shake things up.

You’re living in the city that never sleeps, but let’s be real: amidst the grind, the gigs, and the midnight pizza runs, there’s a part of you that’s seeking… more. More depth, more connection, more meaning.

You want to experience God in a way that’s as real and raw as the city you call home. That’s where we come in.

Why a Vibe™?

Cut the Fluff:
Straight talk, real results. We’re about authentic growth, not just feel-good moments that fade when you log off.

Designed for You:
Tailored for people who get the challenges of modern times. VIBES™ are all online, fitting your lifestyle, not against it.

Community That Gets It:
Connect with fellow Believers (New Yorkers and others around the country) who speak your language - ambition, dreams, and all.

The Experience: It's a "vibe"!

Imagine engaging in conversations where the Word of God isn’t just read, but comes alive, transforming your daily grind into a divine journey.

Where every online meet-up is a chance to unlock something extraordinary within you and around you.

It's not just a boring Zoom call, it's filled with energy, laughter, joy, and the presence of God. it's literally a "vibe" in every sense of the word— and that's why we named them VIBES™.

A VIBE™ is our version (or remix) of small groups or cell groups, but tailor-made for an online experience and to provide genuine encounters with God and Scriptures

VIBE™ Testimonials:

Every time I log on and attend a VIBE, I learn something new that blows my mind. What I'm learning is revolutionizing my life, my marriage and my spiritual walk. I'm at a new level for real!”
Maurice J.

“The Vibe I'm attending didn’t just change my spiritual life; it rewrote my story and what I thought about my life. It’s experiences that stick with you as you’re chasing God's dream for your life.”
Rhonda W.

Now, It's Your Move

Tired of the same old?

Ready for a spiritual upgrade that can take you to the places God's prepared for you? 

Click here or text "Vibe" to (929)209-2377 to RSVP for a VIBE™ that suits your schedule.

They're free, flexible, and might just be the best decision you’ll make to take your walk with God to the next level.

Click play to watch the video to learn more...


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