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Please follow the steps below to make sure you can successfully participate in the Vision Challenge

  • Materials for the Event: for You'll need a few things in order to make the most of this event––specifically the materials to create your vision board. But if you can't get access to the materials for your vision board, you can create one digitally just using your Computer, Smartphone, or Table..

    • A BIG poster board or canvas to glue/tape your vision images
    • Glue, clear tape, or pins to attach your vision images to your board
    • Magazine, Newspapers, photos, etc for you to cut out images for your vision and attach them to your board.
    • A thick marker to write necessary phrases, ideas, verses, etc. on your board
    • **If you don't have materials or can't get them, you can still create one digitally on your CPU/Table/Smartphone**
  • Download the Zoom app for whichever device(s) you want to view our Sunday Service on (it can be your Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet).

  • Use our Meeting ID to log on to the Vision Challenge
  • Tell somebody about the Vision Challenge

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