If You Ever Wanted to Write a Book to Inspire, Impact, & Influence the World, This FREE Workshop Will Show You How To Write, Publish, and Profit From Your Very Own Book (In as Little as 90 Days)!

The "Booked! LIVE" Workshop is a free event sponsored by Next Level Church (NYC) to help you get closer to the dreams and vision God has placed deep within your heart—especially for writing, publishing, and profiting from your very own book.

This is a totally free event that will be held both in-person (here at our Brooklyn Campus) and online so it can be totally accessible for you to access it. 

Here's What You'll Learn During the Booked! LIVE Workshop

#1) How to Write A Book In Less Than 90 Days: There's no rule on how long it should take to write a powerful, life-changing book. You can take 9 years, or you can take 90 days (or even less). The point is that, with the right strategies, you can get get your book's manuscript finished faster than you once thought. We'll help you craft the gameplan and give you the skills to do this for your book. You'll learn Pastor Bryson's signature "Genesis Manuscript Blueprint™" for Writing with Impact, Speed, and Profit!

#2) The 6-Figure Strategy For Authors (even if no one knows who you are): You'll discover the various ways you can build a 6- or 7-figure strategy for your book using "Multiple Streams of IMPACT." This portion of the workshop will change the way you think about what is possible with your book and how you can generate revenue from it. And the good news is that you don't even have to be a celebrity or a major influencer for this to happen. 

#3) The Process for Publishing Your Book And Reaching the Masses: Getting your book published isn't rocket science, but it often feels an awfully lot like it. Getting your book to the markets and in people's hands doesn't have to be tedious when you understand the things you need to do and what to avoid. You'll finish this session with an absolute understanding of the steps you need to take. 


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  • Workshop Details
    Times: 5/13: 6p-9p; 5/14: 9a-1pm
    Venue: 277 Grand St., BK
    Online Venue: Zoom
  • Learn how you can write, publish, and profit from your very own book in the next 90 days or less.
  • Discover why now is the time specifically for you to fulfill everything you were born to do and how to do it with God's help.

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