We strive for authentic relationship with God and each other.

We can only grow spiritually based on the quality of relationship we have with God. As a result, we value authentic relationship with Him. The more we’re connected to Him and locked into His heart, the more we’ll be able to look and live like Him. In the same manner, we need each other to thrive. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best, “I can’t be what I ought to be, until you become who you ought to be.”


To reach the next level, we must challenge the status quo.

The “next level” isn’t a final destination, but it’s a mindset, a new paradigm and platform. We value innovation because the functionality of the Church has been lost in religious protocol and tradition. We need to navigate the next level because our cities, families, and futures depend on it. We want to change the game because the rules we’ve been given aren’t designed to unleash our potential.


“Be not hearers only, but be doers of the WORD.”

There’s a world and a culture out there that needs to be redeemed from satan’s influence. We’ll never impact that world without strategic, systematic action. Historically, church has been converted into a retirement center instead of the revolution center Jesus paid the ultimate price for. We have to learn how to be a movement rather than a museum. We have a strategy. We have a great God. Let’s go!

Our Core Beliefs 


God is love, God is good.
Above all, God is our loving father and creator. His love for us is infinite; it’s beyond words and impossible to fully comprehend. Because He loves us so much, His desire is to overwhelm our lives with His perfect goodness in all things. Since He loves us so deeply, we can freely trust him with our lives and trust his direction for us. And yet still, He is the just judge and King of the universe. He’s Creator of all things, Chief Architect and Source of all. He’s just so massive. And throughout it all, He wants relationship with you! God is so good!



The Word.
Jesus Christ is God’s ultimate solution to a world filled with death, sin, and hopelessness. He lived on earth as a man, but yet He was God in the flesh. His life was a mission to bring Heaven to earth; exposing humanity to God’s love and perfect will. He laid His life down to become the bridge to reconnecting mankind to God by defeating sin and death- His resurrection is proof of this victory. Jesus is Lord and He’s the only way to God.


Holy Spirit

Our Leader and Guide (The Boss)
Holy Spirit isn’t some “invisible force,” but He’s a Person; He’s the boss. He leads, guides, comforts, empowers, baptizes, and convicts both sinners and believers. He wants to reveal and educate everyone to God’s agenda, goodness, Presence, presents, and gifts. By living in covenant partnership with Him, we’re able to have an absolutely unfair advantage to live in victory, joy, faith, perseverance, blessings, and peace.



New. Life.
More than a ticket to Heaven when you die, salvation is the vehicle God uses to introduce us into His abundant life- the born again experience. It’s literally the removal of believers from the unfiltered and unstoppable control, influence, and dominion of the devil into the unfiltered and unstoppable control, influence, and dominion of God. Jesus says that we can’t even see the Kingdom of God (God’s goodness and perfect will) unless we’re born again. Jesus’ death and subsequent resurrection allows us to experience salvation and the unlimited possibilities in relationship with God. Have you been born again?



Forever. Now.
This is the time period after you die where you’ll spend forever in God’s presence (generally referred to as heaven) or forever separated from God (generally referred to as Hell). By receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and the ultimate, sole sacrifice for our sin, we ensure that we’ll experience eternity with God. THe cool thing about eternity is that it’s not a “chronological” timeframe, but it is simply “forever NOW.” That’s a long time.


The Kingdom of God.

The System.
The Kingdom of God is best defined as God’s system, culture, glory, will, and His reign- It’s God’s platform for universal operation. The most important thing to know about the Kingdom is that God’s greatest desire is to influence the entire of creation His Kingdom. When Adam and Eve sinned against God in the Garden of Eden, they allowed the Satan to impose his platform of operation into earth (known as “the kingdom of darkness” and “the world”). Jesus’ primary mission was to reintroduce creation to the Kingdom of God and restore our places in it. It’s literally the foundational background of scriptures.



We are like Him.
When God created humanity, he lovingly fashioned us into his exact image and likeness. In other words, he made us to be His “duplicates.” He gave us the explicit, earthly license to exist, perform, love, and create just like Him. Anything that He can do, we are spiritually designed – and intended- to model like Him. Unfortunately, when sin entered into the world, our ability to know God – and ultimately know our potential and identity- was broken. Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection allows gives us the right to become born again- to be transformed back into our original identity and relationship.


The Church

The Kingdom center.
The Church is God’s authorized entity to implement and enforce His divine agenda (the Kingdom) in the world today. It’s more than a building people meet in to worship God. The church is an organization of people (not structures) empowered by God to act on his behalf and represent Him in the world. In other words, every born again and baptized believer makes up the Church. Our aim in ministry should be more about building up the Church (the people) into it’s greatest potential and less about building up the church (the structure).



Right relationship with God.
Righteousness is our standard for living as believers, it’s our code of conduct. Believe it or not, it isn’t about what’s “black and white” or “right and wrong” in terms of “doctrine” and “theology.” Rather, it’s about what pleases God and what we need to do to honor our relationship with Him. We look to Holy Spirit and the Bible for our cues pertaining to God’s thoughts and desires. Our opinions do not matter- which makes it so hard at times to fulfill. How we feel about a thing doesn’t really matter when it comes to righteousness with God. Nevertheless, all that matters is God’s opinion on a thing- life, love, money, government, the devil, and your future. All we have to do is “do the right thing.”