The SHIFT Bootcamp

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About this course

During this training of the SHIFT, you'll discover what redemption really is and how it impacts you and why who your father is matters

Weekly Bible Reading: Matthew 22 - 28

Daily Prayer Time: 30 Minutes

Assigned Reading: " Rediscovering the Kingdom " by Myles Munroe

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Course Structure

Week 0 – The SHIFT

The SHIFT Bootcamp overview gathering

Week 1 – The Kingdom Process

Week 1 of the SHIFT Bootcamp. This training is about the need to engage and understand the Kingdom process for life as a believer.

Week 2 - The Kingdom Mandate pt.1

Exploring the main idea God has for creation and for humanity. Discover the Universal Human Purpose and what God really expects out of your life.

Week 3 - The Kingdom Mandate pt.2

Discovering the relationships between how God forms you and where He places you. Also exploring why, how and what is available for you in the Kingdom of God for your true sustenance.

Week 4 - Redemption

Understanding redemption and what it really means to be born again. Why you need to become born again.

Week 5 – The Kingdom Framework

Discovering the importance of sonship in the Kingdom of God.
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