Revolutionizing how the Church engages people and culture.
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The Necessity For More

Everything must be reconsidered.

Billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford, once said “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”  These words are powerful because they perfectly capture how our comfortable realities blind us to potential and possibilities. This idea applies even more to our spiritual understanding, relationships, and responsibilities because our religious and traditional “horses” have limited the potential and possibilities afforded to us through the Gospel. This is why we’re so freakishly adamant about the “Next Level” and why we want to introduce you, our city, and our culture to it. Are you willing to embrace the next level of Church?

Our Formula

Radical Empowerment

Church isn’t supposed to be about buildings, it’s leaders, or “doctrine” (the “thou shalt not’s”). It’s supposed to be about YOU because YOU are the church and Jesus died for YOU. When we gather together for worship, celebration, networking, and insight, it should be all about building PEOPLE (you and everyone else) and helping them experience the greatness God placed in them.


This is why we focus so heavily and radically on designing everything about our ministry to empower you for reaching your next level. It’s apart of our DNA so it impacts everyone who comes into our environments for the younger and older. We want to empower you to be the best child, spouse, parent, friend, believer, society influencer, and whatever else God has destined you to be. Anything less would be wasteful of what Jesus accomplished when He died for us, rose from the grave, AND purchased us with His life.

REAL City Impact

Historically, “churches” have done a great job at helping people become born again, feeding the poor, and helping those in need – and those all play major roles in the purpose of the church. But we have significantly failed at tangibly impacting our cities and leaving strategic, generational, righteous change that goes beyond our church services on Sunday morning (or whenever we gather). And this (impacting and influencing our cities) is the primary objective Jesus has for His Church.


This is one of the reasons why we’re building Next Level Church the way we are- to create and sustain significant impact in our cities. For us, “church,” is more than what we do on Sundays and in our personal relationship with God; “church” now becomes the intersection of our spirituality, our purpose, and our city. We are empowering people to revolutionize their lives  and the world they live in.

100x Blueprint

We don’t just want to impact our region with the Gospel of the Kingdom, we want to impact our entire nation and culture. Yeah, it’s a huge goal, but we believe God has called us to be a major force in our nation. For us, it’s not just about having great worship services, awesome teaching, and innovative empowerment, but it’s about building a nationwide MOVEMENT of people committed to revolutionizing how the “Church” (folks like you) engages people and culture.


This is a movement of people who love God becoming radically empowered to change their lives and their cities and actually doing it. We know we can’t create the national change and impact we desire if we only remain a church in our great city of New York . As a result, we’ve developed the 100x Blueprint as a means to multiply the Next Level vision all across the country within the next 10 years…


100 Churches: Our primary objective is to plant and launch 100 new churches in the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the USA. If we can infect the largest population areas with our Next Level ministry model and paradigm, we’ll be in position to impact people, systems, and culture like never before.


1000 Millionaires: When it comes to creating sustained impact and change both, locally and nationally, the Golden Rule undergirds our entire initiative: Whoever has the gold rules. Think about it, we know we have access to supernatural resources and assistance through our relationship with God, but if we want to build something that lasts longer than our lifetime, we need to amass wealth. As a result, we want to empower people to create wealth (in righteous methods) so that we can have increased impact and influence in our cities. Our initiatives will ultimately be limited by our budget. We want to destroy those limitations.


Bryson G. Baylor

Husband, Father, Pastor, Entrepreneur.

Bryson G. Baylor is the Founder and Lead Pastor of Next Level Church. Having over a decade of pastoral leadership under his belt, he’s totally locked in and capable to lead the Next Level vision. As an emerging Apstolic voice to this generation, he’s developed a reputation as an excellent bible teacher, inspiring preacher, and a strategic visionary. He became a born again believer at the age of 12 and he’s never looked back. By dedicating his life to the Word of God and prayer as a teenager, God has prepared him to lead this great movement that will impact generations. Not only is he a pastor, but he’s a serial entrepreneur, author of The Spirit of Wealth, and a marketing fiend. He’s is the devoted and dedicated father to his beloved son, Malachi. Pastor Bryson is s all about the Kingdom of God!